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    Default Preschool open house -scavenger hunt ideas

    I am new here and have been out of the classroom for several years with kids at home and am heading back as a preschool teacher this fall.

    This is my first preschool experience as teacher and I am a bit overwhelmed with everything. I know once I sort everything out and find a routine that works for me I will feel much better.

    My main struggle right now is I need to do 2 separate curriculums for a 3 yr old program and 4 yr old program. Many of the 3 yr olds will be in the four year old program and while I know that some things being repeated are fine, I want separate themes, etc. But its in the same classroom, does anyone else do this and do you tie in the theme with different activites or change the themes from 3 to 4.

    Also the first day we allow the parents to come to an open house for 1.5 hours with their child. In the past they have had a scavenger hunt. With one of the classes (I think the 4's) I am going to use a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme and have them find things in the classroom with letters of the alphabet and at the end they receive a letter to put on our life size chick chicka boom boom tree that will be in the literacy center. I can have other activities with that theme at other tables, etc.

    So I am stuck on what kind of scavenger hunt for the 3 yr olds. I would like it be a book them, but just haven't thought of anything. I am looking for something exciting that you have seen or perhaps you use in your classroom.

    Trying to think of something easy or perhaps familiar to the little ones...maybe Brown Bear???? Suggestions??


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    Some book ideas:

    "We're going on a bear hunt." (Maybe use the directional/position words that are in the book- under, through, etc. "Go through the door into the blank to find the blank." or "Find the surprise under the blank.")

    Curious George? If You Give a Mouse (Moose/Pig/Etc) a Cookie?

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    I would do the same theme for all kids but vary the activities. This way if you have a more advanced 3 year old, you can have them do an activity with the 4s. It will also make decorating the classroom easier and making display boards of the students. Then you can have a few whole group activities the theme opener or closer.

    As far as a scavenger could use pictures of books for the students to find and have a different activity with each book. You could do Brown Bear, Brown Bear and have them find things with the different colors. Then they could add an animal to your literacy area. Or you could do more of a carousel. Put parts of books or nursery rhymes on the wall and have them go from place to place. They could decorate something at each center.

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