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    Default Why do public schools tolerate bullying?

    Dear, Teachers:

    When I went to public school there was rampant bullying, and the "zero tolerance policy" in my school district was nothing more than a meaningless platitude. I suspect disciplinary actions are not done at public schools against bullies, due to the socio-economic status of the bullies, and the level of wealth and prestige of those that are bullied. Anyway, when I was 13 I was framed into signing a false statement by the vice principle that was not true due to my race and socio-economic status, ironically I the victim was signing it and not the bullies. Of course the true perpetrators got away free and clear. Said principle basically ruined my childhood, what was supposedly going to be the best years of my life were utterly destroyed.

    Not surprisingly, I located articles online of said principle engaging in similar unethical behavior at other schools, years after I graduated, against dozens of other victims, whom had their childhoods ruined by said principle. Sadly, this obese lazy individual is still working as a principle and making 6 figures . I guess I wanted a comedic, divine, pernicious vengeance that shall pierce the heavens, against said principle.

    It is my goal to launch a brilliant campaign, using PR companies, lawyers, private investigators, witnesses, other victims, local media, and an internet campaign against said principle.

    So my questions to all of you are:

    1. Do teachers and principles fear retaliation through lawsuits from bullies in their school ? When they are of high high socio-economic status, and come from prestigious families?

    2. What is the core reason why teachers and principles allow bullying to go on at their schools?

    3. What is the best method of attack in your opinion against a corrupt principle using the typical school district complaint system, legal system, and media, etc?

    I guess what I'm doing is mean, but honestly said principle ruined my childhood, and dozens of others, and I truly just want justice for the wrongs that were committed. I would love to hear from a teacher or administrator on this subject. Please post anonymously if you don't want people to retaliate against you........

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    I'm not afraid of any kind of "retaliation".

    I actually responded to this same post on another teacher chat board. I won't re-hash it here.

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    okay, first off, please do not take my statements as anything resembling a defense of this situation, but I think I can shed a tiny bit of insight into the subject.
    the teachers usually go through a phase of reporting the bully to the principal.
    the principal then makes a tough decision, and usually makes the wrong decision. here are two factors which the principal considers:
    1. if the bully is suspended, the school loses money. the schools are paid based on the number of students attending.
    2. if the bully is suspended, then the principal has to deal with the bully's parents, and generally the apple dont fall too far from the tree. the parents of these offensive children do not want to have to take a day off from work in order to watch their bullies, and so they frequently unleash their own deep seated anger at the world on the principal.
    again, I am not defending this. I strongly believe this is the single worst problem our schools face, and that the principals are really letting down the kids, the teachers, AND society in general when they buckle under this pressure.

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