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    Red face Character Traits of Good Citizens 3rd Grade (read aloud with Dr. Suess)

    My kids loved this book and this lesson! They had fun listening and then creating fun art!

    Character Traits of Good Citizens

    Developed by: Kristin Wood & 3rd grade team

    Grade 3
    Social Studies
    Time: 50 Mins

    (3.10) Citizenship. The student understands characteristics of good citizenship as exemplified by historic figures and ordinary people.
    (A) identify characteristics of good citizenship such as a belief in justice, truth, equality, and responsibility for the common good;
    (3.17) Social studies skills. The student communicates effectively in written, oral, and visual forms.
    (A) express ideas orally based on knowledge and experiences;

    Objective: TLW develop a drawing that demonstrates character traits that make up good citizens using a picture book.

    Materials: Dr. Seuss Horton Hatches the Egg, whiteboards, crayons, pencils, colored paper

    Keywords: character traits

    Rational: Good citizenship is important wherever you go. Many good citizens portray important qualities and traits in order to help the common good.

    Guided/Instructional Practice-
    Call students to front carpet and Review yesterday’s lesson of student’s rights and responsibilities. Remind them that good citizens have special character traits. Brainstorm and write on the board some of these character traits including; honesty, responsibility, compassion, courage and respect.

    Before sharing the story, give students these open ended sentences. Have them turn to the person next to them and discuses.
    1. Going to a circus would be.......
    2. Keeping a promise is important because......
    3. When winter comes the animals in the woods.....
    4. To be lazy means.......... ____________

    Topic Talking
    As we read lets pay close attention to the character traits of Horton. On your whiteboard list some of the character traits that Horton portrays in the story.

    Honesty- “I’ll stay and be faithful. I mean what I say.”
    Responsibility- “Horton was lonely and he wanted to play… but he sat on the egg and continued to say…) “With Horton so sad that he practically died.”
    Compassion “I’ll stay on this egg and I won’t let it freeze”
    Courage- “He sat all night through a terrible storm…’Cause I’m cold and I’m wet”. “Three rifles were aiming Right at his heart!”
    Respect- “I meant what I said I said what I meant...”

    Have a debate with half the class giving reasons why Mayzie should get the egg and the other half giving reasons why Horton should get the egg.

    The student produces a response to literature that is:
    Interpretative: Why do you think Horton stayed on the nest?
    Analytic: How is this story like the story of Beauty and the Beast?
    Evaluative: What might be a better title for this story?
    Reflective: What other book character needs to read this story?

    Closing- Review traits of a good citizen Review 5 character traits of Horton and how he showed each.

    Independent Practice- On a blank, colored, piece of paper have students draw a circle in the middle and divide the rest into 5 squares. Model for the students the set up on the bored. Explain that in the circle they will draw a picture of Horton with detail and color. Fill each of the five squares with different character traits that Horton portrayed. They will draw a detail picture with color that fits their drawing. In each square they will write Horton shows courage by… Horton shows respect by…. Horton shows compassion by… and so on. They must write in complete sentences with capitals and periods.

    Assessment- Students will develop 5 character traits with complete sentences for each. Students will draw a detail colored picture of each character trait. They will also include a colored detail picture of Horton in the center circle.
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    Thanks for the great idea - I am going to use this tomorrow as a filler between tests. My son is on his way to the book store now. I have been looking for a way to teach character traits and this is perfect. Thanks again!!!

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    YEAH!! Let me know how it goes! How was the art? (That was my favorite)

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    thank you for the great idea!
    would love to try it with my Ss someday

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