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    Default Classroom Rules for Toddlers

    Hi Everyone!

    I came across this site and I thought I would check it out. I am a Toddler Teacher and I am looking for some ideas for Classroom Rules.

    Any thoughts?

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    I would keep it simple. We use walking feet. We use inside voices. Or anything else that you feel is important. I would also limit the amount of rules you have posted and have pictures along with the rules.

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    I agree. I use "We are kind." These covers kindness to others, to ourselves, and to property. It is broad enough that it covers lots of things. Also, it is easy for my children to remember. Toddlers need to hear rules in the moment. For example, Kelly hits Rasheed. I ask Kelly "What is our classroom rule? Was that kind to hit Rasheed? What kind thing can you do to help Rasheed feel better? Okay, lets get him a tissue together so he can dry his eyes."

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