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    Default Beginning of Year Bulletin Boards

    I am looking for a really catchy bulletin board for the beginning of this coming school year. I teach 5th grade and am thinking of something to do with Wild Animals. I've seen the "Wild about 5th Grade" caption, but want something more interesting. I am from Africa so would love to make it fit in with that. Anyone creative have some good ideas? My creative juices are not actually running at the moment! Thanks.

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    "Go Wild With ____" (can put 5th Grade, your name, your subject area, etc.)
    "Room ___ (or 5th Grade)...Where the Wild Things Are"

    "We're Going To Have A PAWS-itively Great Year" Have different animal paw prints to give to students so they can write their year-long goal. Keep it up so they are reminded of their goal! You could even organize the different paw prints like tracks that lead to pics of the animals they belong to.

    Put up an African Safari fabric background, brainstorm with students what types of animals they may find on an African safari, each child chooses an animal and creates one out of construction paper, etc. Since some children may not have a grasp of what these animals actually look like, and you may want to include some they may have never heard of, you can show a video clip or pictures to help them with their construction. This would be a great time to introduce students to where you are from. When they are finished they can hang up thier animal (with their name). You can still have a title on top of the bulleting board.

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