Hello everyone!

I am new to all this and not a teacher yet, however, I have been browsing the board and am really impressed! I hope to be a teacher soon and also hope you could give some advice about being hired.

I have an interview in a few weeks to become a Teaching Fellow in NYC. Part of the interview is a 5 minute teaching sample. I want to teach English or Special Ed, but I can teach anything I like:

Teaching Samples
At the beginning of the interview event, you will be expected to teach a five-minute sample lesson to your interviewers and the other candidates in your group. As a “teacher,” you should expect simple questions from your “students.” *snip* A successful lesson is organized around a main point or learning objective and makes use of age-appropriate materials and strategies to help students master the information. Examples of sample lessons include adding fractions, naming vegetables in Spanish, or reviewing how a bill becomes a law. It is not necessary for you to teach a lesson in the subject you would eventually like to teach. Please keep in mind that five minutes pass quickly. Choose specific learning objectives that you can present effectively during this limited time. We do not expect you to teach a lesson on a broad topic such as American literature; rather, you might teach a lesson on the difference between similes and metaphors. During the teaching sample, it is acceptable for you to assume prior knowledge in your students; you may communicate this to the interviewers and other candidates by beginning your lesson with a reference to an earlier lesson (e.g., “Yesterday we began talking about similes. Today, we’re going to continue talking about similes and learn about another literary device called a metaphor. Can someone tell me what a simile is?”).

Remember these key points for an effective sample lesson:

* You will be given no more than five minutes. (You will have an additional one minute to set up before beginning your teaching sample.)
* Lessons should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.
* Lessons should be interactive and age-appropriate.
* Teachers should communicate and work with students to achieve specific objectives.

Note: Our interview spaces vary in configuration; some are set up like typical classrooms, while others are conference rooms with one large table. There will be a chalkboard, dry erase board, or chart paper available for your use, along with chalk and/or markers. You should plan to bring with you any other materials needed to teach your sample lesson.
What would you suggest that would be interesting and effective for 5 minutes? Should I use props, or not? I am one of the last people interviewing so I want it to be really special. Since I am thinking of teaching special ed, I also want the lesson to be multi-sensory and appeling to various different levels.

Any ideas, suggestions, etc? Thank you all so much!