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    Thumbs up Lesson Plan on Shadows and Eclipses Grade 6-8

    The students should be able to:
    • Differentiate between the shadows formed by pointed and extended source of light.
    • Illustrate how Solar and Lunar eclipses are formed through animations.


    Diagram Study:
    Students will work in groups of three to study the diagrams of shadows formed by pointed and extended source of light. The differences between the two types of shadows will be summarized through class discussion.

    Video Clip:
    Students will watch video clips showing the Solar and Lunar eclipses. Cause of eclipse will be discussed.

    Students will work in groups of three to prepare animations of Solar and Lunar eclipses using the MS Power Point.

    Lesson Review:
    Class discussion on the animations in relation to the video clip will be done to sum up the lesson.

    Reflection on Lesson

    Reflection on Student Learning:
    Students worked in groups to study the diagrams of shadows formed by pointed and extended source of light. I wrote the differences between the two types of shadows on the white board as contributed by the students. Then, in the computer lab, they watched a video clip on eclipses. Discussion on the cause of solar and lunar eclipses was done after which students moved on to prepare animations of solar and lunar eclipses. Two of the students were comfortable using Claris Works whereas others preferred to work on MS Power Point. Students took real interest in preparing their slide show therefore took considerable time in completing it. Each group proudly shared their presentation with the rest of the class. During class discussion on their animations and the video seen earlier, they exhibited a good understanding of the concept of eclipses.
    Overall, it was a job well done on their part.

    Reflection on Teaching:
    Internet connection was down but I had the downloaded version of the video clip as back up which was shared with students’ computers. Some students had difficulty in making animations so I guided them to prepare their slides and use the slide show option to watch the animation. As students wanted their end product to look good they needed more time than I had estimated in my plan. Therefore, the lesson was carried forward to the next day.
    I felt that the concept of eclipses was fairly easy for students and most of them had considerable background knowledge. All I did was to elicit their responses through classroom discussion and help them shape their understanding in the form of an animation.
    Use of technology enabled me to achieve my objective qualitatively. Had I only used a lecture or discussion method in my classroom, students’ motivation as well as participation in the lesson would have been very low.
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    Good plan.

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