Hello, my name is Angelika . I am in my third year of pedagogy. As part of my final (third) year I am currently writing my BA thesis. The topic of my BA thesis is about adaptation of the Polish pupils to the foreign school environment. In this case I currently looking for teachers who have/had in their classes children from Poland or
even from other countries. And I would like to ask if it would be possible for some
teachers to fill in my short questionnaire (around 10-15min), which is of course
anonymous. No personal details such as name or address will be taken. The questionnaire will allow me to colect some important data on the subject.

I will be very grateful for any help. Thank you.

Link to the online questionnaire : http://moje-ankiety.pl/respond-19653.html

Kind regards and Best wishes


I would like to add that this questionnaire is for all teachers who have Polish children in class, even if you have 1, 2 or 10 (or more) children. And I want to explain that only 2 words in this questionnaire are in polish: "dalej" means "next page";

"anuluj" means "cancel" , but all the rest is in english ( at least should be)