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    Default Received non-reelect and signed it, should I/can I resign?

    Not sure if this is the right section to post, if is the wrong place, I do apologize.

    First year teacher in new district (K-6 school).

    If I CAN resign, what are the pros and cons to consider?
    If I CANNOT resign, do I have other options? What should I be doing after signing a non-reelect form? Can I rescind the decision?

    Also is it legal to have signed the non-reelect form with just the principal and myself? Should there be a witness?

    Should I even resign?

    Any information or experiences would be appreciated. Not sure what to do and reading various opinions on the matter. Let me know if there is anything else I should consider. Very overwhelmed, not sure what to do and what my options are.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default ??

    What is a non-reelect form?

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    Hi NGAH,
    I too received a non reelection this year from my principal (curse him!). At 37, with a mortgage, a wife and two girls to support, this has really been one of the hardest things I've had to face. I felt it was really unfair, as the students roundly loved me, I worked my butt off, was innovative, the other teachers all respected me, but in the end the principal just never seemed to understand the job (he was new to continuation high schools), and the metric he was judging me by (direct instruction) was generally impossible and abandoned by staff as ineffective. They all essentially did the dog and pony show thing like administrators wanted them to, but I just wasn't very good at it. But they all had tenure and I didn't. (Irony - he had just been reassigned from another high school for low test scores, which he then became "all about" at our schools. And if you know anything about alt ed, that's a pretty funny joke; i.e. the tests are good measurements of how many bong hits a student just had...)

    OK, enough of my story. My union told me to resign, effective the last day of school, and keep my letter of intent to non-reelect, so as to show unemployment that I was forced to resign. Apparently having resigned might look a little better to prospective employers, although I'm skeptical.

    I'm also unclear as to whether I can reapply in the district, either this year or one in the future. The human resouces head, who was really quite rude as he simply handed me the letter and told me I couldn't apply any where else in the district, wasn't very clear. I was too angry to really ask, although I probably should have. Fortunately, There are two other districts near enough. But the lack of due process, and one principal basically being able to lock you out of a district is quite frustrating.

    Here's hoping for the best, that we'll land on steadier ground. In my case, I just want a principal who is human for once....

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