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    Default Help with an emotionally needy child

    Thanks in advance for your help. I have a child in my K class who is very outgoing, interacts well with students from all grades in our school (we go prek-8 in a VERY small, private school setting). He can be paired with anyone to work, and he is happy to do so. This child makes excellent social decisions, he is kind to his friends and does not exclude anyone.

    HOWEVER, since returning from Winter break in January, he has become very needy, requiring constant praise and attention from teachers. Every injury, no matter how small or how old, is life threatening to him and must be pointed out to anyone who will listen. Before i have finished asking a question, his hand is up, typically without an answer in mind. He raises his hand every single time, so I often have to not call on him so that others will have a chance to answer, even if they have not raised their hands. This child interrupts constantly during stories, when other children are sharing, and when I am talking. I have had to start wearing a crown during reading group time so that he (and others) know that they may not interrupt me unless it is an emergency. I wish I could just wear that crown all day! When it is time to do something, such as put on a coat or start his handwriting book, he always says he needs help, even when he does not. I find myself getting frustrated with him, though I know I shouldn't, because his interruptions and needs are so constant.

    This little boy will be 6 next week, and has a two year-old sister at home. I have talked with his family several times, and they are willing to help in whatever way they can. Suggestions are appreciated, PLEASE!

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    I like your crown idea, not calling on him when his hand is raised is a good idea too. I would really play down anything insignificant that he comes to attention for, so that he gets as minimal attention as possible. To balance this out I would make sure I give him positive attention when he is not looking for it and doing his work or focusing well. In theory this means that he will learn that he gets attention without needing to look for it which is far better than having to look for it and getting minimal attention.

    I wonder if something happened on winter break or he might just be getting over the honeymoon period of being at school?

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    I think something happened over break. I would ask your school counselor to talk individually with him, do play therapy, etc. Maybe he just missed you or something. Can you actually talk to him by himself and point out the things he is doing and ask him why? He can probably tell you.

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