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    Default How to teach elementary students about diabetes prevention in a fun way?

    Hi, I'm a high school student, and for my senior project,
    I want to go to an elementary school class and teach students about the rising issue of diabetes and how they can prevent it in their everyday life (eating healthier, physical activity, etc).
    I need to teach for at least about 5 hours total, probably over the span of a couple
    weeks. I am planning to do a couple powerpoint presentations, but kids' attention
    spans are short and I'd love to have a lot more interactive teaching activities.
    I'm having some trouble coming up with any, other than basic physical activity, food pyramid display, and other basic things.
    I would really appreciate any fresh ideas about how to make the learning experience fun and memorable for the kids. Thank you!

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    Go to some calorie-count websites and show them how many calories certain foods actually contain, and how many calories kids their age and size actually need in a day. Time magazine had an excellent photo series a couple years ago showing what different families around the world consume in one week. The pics are all over the web: . It would be interesting to compare diets with rates of diabetes in various countries.

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    Healthy food and regular exercise are really what it comes down too, that's easy to teach. The difficult part is making them actually eat healthy food and have regular exercise. I think it would be important to tell them that healthy food and exercise become part of their routine. Apparently people need to do something 7 times before it becomes a habit. They could start a routine of going for a run or ride everyday after school for 20 minutes and then eating a salad sandwich on wholemeal bread. After they make themselves do this for a week or so they will start to do it automatically and will feel odd if they don't do it.

    They should set specific routines, instead of saying "I'm going to eat healthy food this week", they should say "I'm going to eat tomato on wholemeal toast with a piece of fruit every morning and make a salad sandwich on wholemeal bread for lunch." Specific routines like this are easier to follow and pre plan or go shopping for.

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