I teach HS math at a vocational school. We are on a block/semester schedule and only have junior and seniors. Students take two academic classes (Math, Science, English, SS) the first semester, and the other two the second semester.

We currently go by a Alg I, Geometry, Alg II sequence. The way scheduling works, there can be a case where if the students does not pass state graduation test, they take a remedial course there junior year. It is possible, having taken Alg I as a Freshman, Geometry as a sophomore, then remedial as a junior, and Alg II as a senior second semester, they could go 2.5 school years between Alg I and Alg II.

We are discussing changing to a Alg I, Alg II, then Geometry sequence. We have brainstormed within our department (3 math teachers), but I am looking for more ideas and input.

What are your ideas on having students take Alg II right after Alg I and before Geometry?

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.