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    Default State vs. Local: School District Consolidation

    There is such a vast amount of knowledge throughout this wonderful site, it has sparked a big question that I am eager to hear your responses from.

    My family and I live in Arizona where the economy has hit us hard creating many challenges affecting rural community education systems. The State is exploring and implementing measures to meet the needs of weaker school districts. Decisions made by the State can have a negative or positive impact on its school districts. This leads me to wonder how far a State can go before allowing the local districts to make certain decisions for themselves to help boost their own schools.

    One question in particular that can have a difference of opinions as to who decides, should school district consolidation be mandated by the state or should it be decided locally by each school district? I would love to get your feedback as to who you feel should make this decision and why. Also, how this would affect your school district or any?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Just get out of Arizona! lol I taught there for 4 yrs and it was utter hell. The state superceeds the district at every level however, some districts need to be taken over by the state becaues they are not making wise decisions for students or teachers.

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