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    Default Professional Development for newly liscensed teachers

    Hi All,

    I am a newly liscensed teacher, currently substituing as I work towards finding a full time teaching job. I constantly see teachers going to various professioal development/training workshops. I have looked into attending such workshops, however, they are extremely expensive for a lone individual without a teaching contract. Does anybody have any insight on ways liscensed teachers (no longer students) without a contract can attend these educational workshops for little or no cost? I love to learn, and would love to add some training to my repitroire, please help!

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    Unfortunately, it is difficult to do without a contract. Most districts won't allow these workshops and PD times for people that are not under contract with the school district. But, try checking with your Educational Service District. They usually have resources to find cheaper ways to get credits and such.

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    There are many professional development opportunities that are pretty cheap. Look into local places to find less expensive options.

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