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    Default Looking for input on my termination

    I was recently terminated from an assistant teacher position at a daycare. I was told that the reason I was being terminated was because I had a conversation with a parent outside of the center. This parent is a good friend of mine and had been before she registered her child to this day care. As we were out to dinner one night, she asked me if her child is fussy and cries while he is at the center. I simply explained that he does cry, and that was the end of the conversation. This parent then made the choice to remove her child from our program because after talking to me, she felt that her son was not ready to attend day care. I feel that I did nothing wrong by talking to a parent about their own child, so I am wondering if the owners of the center had the right to fire me for this situation??

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    I think that this is not grounds to get fired, but I don't see that you would have a case against the owners for letting you go either. It's a terrible situation but nothing more than that.

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    They may have grounds due to confidentiality issues. You may want to check the
    employee handbook if you have one. I know at my job we aren't supposed to talk to any parents outside of school, regardless of our friendships before our employment. My bosses are really cool about it and have told us multiple times not to talk about
    school things outside of school. They may have felt that you have breached
    confidentiality; if that is the situation then I think they may have grounds. I don't
    know what state you live in but PA is a at will state so many employers don't have to give you a reason they can let you go. Sorry to hear about your situation. I hope
    you find a new job quickly.

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    What confidentiality was she breaking? the parent asked about HER child, not someone else's and the teacher did not bring up anyone else's child. She did nothing wrong. The daycare is upset because they lost a child and they needed someone to blame. OP, I would challenge this if you can. What they did was wrong.

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