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    Question Question about snow day makeups

    With the school year about to start, my colleagues and I are being asked by the heads of our company to re-sign our contracts. Our contracts, however, have changed this year. There have been many cutbacks in our agency this year (i.e. no music, art, or technology teachers), and now they have made it a policy that should there be a snow day, we are paid for that day only and not the makeup day. I'm just wondering if this is a common practice in school districts. We have always been paid for snow makeup days in previous years, so we are a little concerned. Any info will help. Thanks!

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    In Kentucky, our contracts read that we will work 175 instructional days, 4 professional development days, opening day and closing day (the day before students and the day after they start), and have 4 paid holidays for a total of 185 days that we are paid for. If we have a snow day, we make it up at the end of the school year, just like the basically, we get paid for the same number of days whether we have no snow days or if we have 30.

    One difference may be how our pay periods are divided up. In my district we are paid once a month all year long.....we get our first check for this school year in September even though school started in early August. My yearly salary was divided by 12 and paid to me equally in each of the 12 months. If I were to go to another district next summer, I will still get checks from my current district next June, July, and August and in September I would get my first check from my new district.

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    We do not get paid extra for snow days either. However, we build into our calendar 5 snow days. So, if we do not use any snow days, we actually get out of school 5 days earlier than what our calendar says. I'm not sure what would happen if we had more than 5 snow days in a year.

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    When I worked in North Carolina, if we had a snow day, we would make it up at the end of the school year with students AND we were expected to make up the hours for the day that we didn't come in (our admin had us log our time, so if we stayed 2 extra hours the next Monday, 3 extra hours the next Tuesday, and so on, we made up the time when we got to 8 additional hours).

    In every other state I've worked in, if there is a snow day, it's made up at the end of the year with students, which bumps the last teacher workday back on the calendar, but there is no change in salary based on the snow day.

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